JKBOSE Download Syllabus for Class 10th Session Annual Regular 2021

JKBOSE Syllabus for class 10th Session Annual Regular 2021



S.No Description P.No Scheme of Studies 5



1. Compulsory Subjects

1. (i) Urdu (Baharistan) (From Right to Left) 93-100

Or Hindi (First Compulsory Language) 65-70


2. General English (Second Compulsory Language) 10-16

3. Mathematics 17-20

4. Social Science (History, Political Science, Geography, 21-30

Economics, Disaster Management and Road Safety Education

5. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 31-44

2. Activity Related Areas:

1. Work Experience 49-51

2. Health and Physical Education 48-56

3. Art Education 58-60

3. Subject for Children with Speacial Needs (CWSN)

1. Painting 59

2. Music 60

3. Home Science 61-62

4. Additional / Optional Subjects:

1. Computer Science 45-51

2. Hindi 65-70

3. Dogri 71-72

4. Sanskrit 73-74

5. Bhoti 75-80

6. Punjabi 81-83

7. Persian (From Right to Left) 85-86

8. Arabic 87-89

9. Kashmiri (From Right to Left) 90-93

10. Urdu (Baharistan) (From Right to Left) 94-101

11. Vocational (optional) subject/s




Every candidate shall be required to take up all the compulsory five subjects to pass/ qualify the

Class X from the course listed below. They can also offer one subject under additional / optional subjects.

(A) Compulsory Subjects:

 Urdu or Hindi (First Compulsory Language)

 General English (Second Compulsory Language)

 Mathematics

 Social Science (History, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Disaster Management and

Road Safety Education)

 Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

(B) Additional / Optional Subjects:

 Urdu

 Kashmiri

 Arabic

 Persian

 Hindi

 Dogri

 Sanskrit

 Bhoti

 Punjabi

 Computer Education/ Science.

Note: No repetition of language is allowed, while opting for additional subject.

(C) Activity Related Areas:

 Work Experience

 Health and Physical Education

 Art Education

Note: To be assessed/evaluated under C.C.E.Scheme.

(D) Subjects for Children with Special Needs (CWSN)

 Painting

 Music

 Home Science

(E) Vocational (Optional) Subjects


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Structure Of Scheme of Assessment

The Assessment scheme for all the compulsory/main subjects carrying 100 Marks shall have an

80 marks component for Board Examination as per the assessment scheme mentioned and a 20 marks

component for Internal Assessment.

Assessment Structure for Internal Assessment of 20 marks

Learner assessment is a continuous process and an integral part of teaching learning. The purpose

of internal assessment is that the learning levels of the children improves and the examination scare that

haunts a good number of children is decreased if not completely defeated. The Assessment should be

competency-based, promotes learning and development for students, and tests higher-order skills, such as

analysis, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity.

Teachers must assess the learners at each stage of the learning process and this shall help teachers

to focus on individual needs of the learners for better performance. In order to empower the school and

the teacher by providing some kind of autonomy in the assessment process, JKBOSE has decided to give

internal weightage of 20 Marks for all the main compulsory subjects offered at Secondary Level. The locus

is school and focus shall be teaching and learning. The school-based assessment will play the dual role of

providing a complete picture of students’ abilities or progress towards fulfilling the aims of education and

informing teachers’ of students’ progress and therefore supporting classroom learning. It shall also inform

the learner about his/ her progress over a period of time enabling them to develop strategies to improve


The teachers should use different assessment strategies that connect teaching, learning and

assessment to real life settings and to assess and provide feedback on activities, surveys, demonstrations,

role plays, project works, assignments, presentations, innovations etc. in such a way that the learner doesn’t

feel that his/ her performance is being evaluated.

In order to carry the said assessment in effective and desired manner, following scheme for the same shall

be followed:

Internal assessment shall carry 20 marks and shall have the following parts:

1. Periodic Assessment

2. Portfolio

3. Subject Enrichment Activity

1) Periodic Assessment

The periodic assessment shall carry 10 marks.

These 10 marks shall be divided into two parts

(I) Pen and Paper Assessment

(II) Multiple Assessment


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