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Meet Bisma Ayoub: An international awarded who publishes her 2nd book

Meet Bisma Ayoub: An international awarded who publishes her 2nd book


A 24-year-old girl from Srinagar who has worked hard to achieve her dreams has come up with her second book “MUKHTASAR”( A short journey of pain).


Bisma Ayoub, a resident of Bota Kadal area of Srinagar city who is a student of Dental College Srinagar has already achieved many feats by winning several prestigious awards for her literary work.


Bisma Ayoub while talking to KNO said that she was interested in writing since her childhood and started writing poetry around eight years before and since then she has been writing continuously.


My first anthology “The Creative Minds” was a collection of writing of 28 budding writers and the aim was to provide a platform to these writers.

My second book “MUKHTASAR” ( a short journey of pain) is a collection of 60 urdu poems and the main message of the book is to love unconditionally and don’t expect anything in return.


Everyone in life faces failures but one should never let himself/herself succumb to adversities but one must strive hard and never give up,” she said.

“By not letting any temporary thing ruin life, one can become an inspiration to several others,” she said.


Everyone must learn to live with love because once you leave this world you will be remembered with your good deeds and love which can ignite a candle of love for others and get lessons about how to live a life,” Bisma said.


” I am a National and International Awardee, and was awarded India’s World Record, India Book of Records and Profile of International talents and Intellectuals,” she said.


Publishing a book has become a fashion mostly in recent years but writers must take cognizance of their writing pieces and think hundred times before publishing is worth it,” she said—(KNO)


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