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Black Fungus a rare disease, has taken epidemic shape in Covid patients : Dr Nisar Ul Hassan

Black Fungus a rare disease, has taken epidemic shape in Covid patients : Dr Nisar Ul Hassan


Fungus mostly affects Diabetics and patients with other Ailments


People need not to worry as this fungus is Non-Communicable


Rehan Mir


Srinagar, 21 May (KB): As all of u might have seen the video regarding ” The Black Fungus” that has recently gone viral. Here is Kashmir Bulletin — (KB), presenting the authentic facts from the horse’s mouth itself.


When Contacted head of Doctors Association Kashmir, Dr. Nisar Ul Hassan and asked about this, he said that; healthy adult’s cannot catch the disease though this fungus can get colonized in upper respiratory tract of human beings but it does not cause disease in healthy Invidiuals.This disease occurs only in those cases where the patient’s immune system is weak.


Answering to a question that is This disease communicable Dr. Nisar said that, no this disease is non communicable, it cannot spread to others, it can be found in Covid patients because their immune system has become weak due to Covid, and it happens in diabetic patients and those who receive steroids which depresses the immune system, he said.


While answering another question that Eye of the Effected patient has to be removed Dr, Nisar said that “the morality is high, and due to covid your immune system becomes very weak and in that condition you will have severe Mucormycosis fungal disease and in that disease once it enters from your nose and it erodes the bones of face and in doing that it also effects the area where your eye balls are located and it will damage your eye also, that is the reason we have to remove the eye in order to save the patient, he said


He also said that it is very important to treat the disease very early and for that you have to pick up the disease early. People should be made aware about the early symptoms of the disease


Concluding his statement Dr. Nisar Ul Hassan said “ It is a false rumor that if a person gets affected due this fungus his eye will definitely has to be removed which is not right only,if the eye gets infected it has to removed , otherwise there is no need to go for a surgery he said –(Kashmir Bulletin)


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