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Bank Holidays Alert ! Important information for bank customers, will remain closed for next 5 days

New Delhi : Sometimes banks are open in UP, but are closed in Delhi. So it depends on the festivals of the state and the conditions there. This is also a variant by RBI, under which holidays are given and then all the holidays of the month are given after totaling them.


Banks will remain closed for 5 days in many states during the second week of August. Banks will remain closed on August 12, 13, 14 and 15 for Raksha Bandhan, Patriot Day and Independence Day. It also has Sundays and Saturdays.


Will be closed on this day


However, as mentioned above, if states have their own festivals and purposes, banks can remain closed during that time too. Banks in Maharashtra will remain closed on August 16 to mark the Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi). As a result, banks in Maharashtra will remain closed for five days from August 12 (Raksha Bandhan) to August 16.



Banks will remain closed on this day in August


August 1: Drupaka She-ji (banks closed in Sikkim)

August 7: First Sunday (weekly holiday)

August 8: Muharram (banks closed in J&K)

August 9: Muharram

August 11: Raksha Bandhan (holidays everywhere)

12 August: Rakshabandhan (Kanpur-Lucknow bank closed)

13 August: 2nd Saturday (weekly holiday)

14 August: Sunday (weekly holiday)

15 August: Independence Day

16 August: Parsi New Year (banks closed in Mumbai-Nagpur)

18 August: Janmashtami (holiday everywhere ) )

19 August: Janmashtami Shravan Vad-8/Krishna Jayanti

20 August: Krishna Ashtami (Hyderabad)

21 August: Sunday (weekly holiday)

27 August: Fourth Saturday (weekly holiday) 28 August: Sunday (weekly holiday)

29 August: Shrimant Sankardev Tithi (Guwahati)

August 31: Ganesh Chaturthi (banks closed in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka)



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