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Degradation of moral values in children and youth is an emerging problem in today’s society.

Degradation of moral values in children and youth is an emerging problem in today’s society.


Children and young people have lost moral values and erosion of moral values in a society has become a very disturbing phenomenon.

Moral values is a set of standards in a person by which he or she can differentiate between the right and wrong or good and bad.

…Now a day children and youth have lost love and respect for their parents, relatives, teachers and elders.Sometimes students misbehave with their teachers. In many countries, children sent their parents to old age homes and are not ready to give them any kind of respect or attention. Young people don’t show any kind of respect to elders.


In offices/workplaces, junior employees have no respect or regard for their seniors or officers. In hospitals, some patients or their attendents misbehave with the doctors or paramedical staff. Children even do not bother to greet their teachers or elders…

This all is due to lack of moral values among children or youth.


Teachers,parents,mentors etc are supposed to inculcate morality among their students and children.

Moral Education should be an important component of Education system..I remember,when i was a student of a high achool, we were having a separate peroid for ‘Moral Education’ and we were being taught a book namely”Addab e zindagi“..


….Now a day parents and teachers are only concerned about the academic achievement of their children or students. They hardly bother to inculcate good moral values among students or children!!!!

Morality is an appropriateness of goodness of what a person does or think…


Morality helps a person to make right moral judgement..

persons with good moral values are respected by all.

But unfortunately, now a day, some children and young people are involved in many immoral activities and this thing is not only harmful for present generation but it can be devastating for future generations…


Article on importance of Moral education by Maimoona Abdullah

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