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Weather prediction: MeT’s agro division issues advisory for farmers*

Weather prediction: MeT’s agro division issues advisory for farmers


Jammu, Mar 17: Amid predictions of rains in parts of Jammu and Kashmir for next few days, the Agrometeorological division of the meteorological department has issued advisories for farmers.


The meteorological department has forecast moderate rainfall in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh from March 17 to 22 March.


“There are chances of light rainfall for the next 5 days. Sky may remain cloudy during the day,” weather advisory reads, as per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).


Following the predictions, the Agrometeorological Research Centre, which is based in SKUAST, Jammu and working on specific needs of agriculturists and farmers has issued an advisory.


The Agro division asked farmers to make elaborate arrangements for darning out excess water.


“Due to the possibility of rains in the next 5 days, farmers are advised to make arrangements to drain excess rain water from wheat, mustard, oilseeds, vegetable and flower fields,” said Dr. Mahender Singh, Senior Scientist & Incharge, Agrometeorological Research Centre, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Jammu.


“This time farmers are nurturing various crops including Wheat, Mustard, Rabi pulses, Gram at various staged besides cultivation in floriculture sector including Marigold, Gladiolus, Ornthogallum and vegetables are going on, The farmers asked to not to allow rain water to stagnate in fields,” Dr. Mahender Singh said.


In addition, the farmer’s planning to trade their crops in the Horticulture sector including Mango, Citrus, and Guava or growing button mushrooms advised to postpone irrigation as well as application of plant protection measures for next 5 days.


Mushroom growers advised to dispose of infected fruits in the pit after dipping the fruit bodies in 2% formalin solution of wetness observed.


“Maintain temperature 160C -180C during fruiting by spraying water on side walls and floor of the room. Maintain proper hygienic conditions in and around growing rooms.

Ventilation in the cropping room is recommended. Open cropping rooms at least 2-3 times to avoid accumulation of CO2,” the weather scientist said.


Poultry farmers advised to provide adequate clean drinking water to poultry birds.


Give vaccination against IPD & Gumbroo disease to 7 & 14 days of chick. Avoid hurdling of chicks and maintain proper hygiene in poultry sheds. For the Fisheries sector, people advised to avoid manure feed for some days.


Dairy animals and Sheep & Goat farmers advised to provide hay of green forage like stala, lobia, maize, jowar and bajra etc. with kadbi and other green grasses to the milch animals in order to enhance milk production and also to prevent from bloat (aafara)—(KNO)

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